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October 15, 2001: I ought to mention: this project is changing its name to handhelj real soon. There is a beta available here for users with wireless modems. If you're having problems with PalmLJ, use this. NOTE THAT THAT IT DOESN'T COME WITH A CONDUIT! If you're using post-on-hotsync, stick with PalmLJ. A windows conduit is coming, I promise. Handhelj in general is going to get a bit smarter about hotsync.

April 15, 2001: Post-on-hotsync is done! For Unix, anyway. Fixed some bugs. Made a neat color icon, too!

March 30, 2001: Wireless support through INetLib should be working now.


PalmLJ allows you to post entries to LiveJournal with your PalmOS device. Optimally, you should have a wireless (e.g. Palm VII) or wireline (e.g. serial modem) connection so that you can make entries in realtime. If you don't have either of these, your entries can be saved on the Palm until HotSync.


PalmLJ supports: TODO List:


The current version of PalmLJ is 1.2.0. Downloads: For the latest development version, see the SourceForge CVS Page.

* And hey, if you like PalmLJ and you have a few bucks, nothing says lovin' like PayPal to ;)


Right now, the only conduit available is for pilot-link, which is the standard palm communication library for Unix. It is included in the source package in the conduits/pilot-link directory.

The pilot-link conduit is split into two programs. ljusers manages the users, ljsync posts the enties. Here's how to get started quickly:

% ljusers -a <username>
HotSync your palm.
That username and all the communities it can post to will be added to PalmLJ.

To verify:
% ljusers -l
Hotsync your palm.
You should see a nice list of the users on your PalmLJ user database.

To remove a user:
% ljuser -d <username>
The user will be deleted.

After you have made an entry in palmlj, you can post it with ljsync:
% ljsync
HotSync your palm.
It will print lots of information as it goes, and a summary of its success
or errors at the end.


If you have bug reports or patches, the best way to contact me is through email: has something like 10% downtime, so be persistant in your email. Yeah, it's bad, but beggars can't be choosers. Running off a 56k dialup line might not be orthodox, but it sure is inexpensive.

Sometimes, you can reach me on AIM as "CapnKev II", but I usually forget to log on.

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